Verification activities commissioning, integration- and qualification test of your designs

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I provide our experience to organise your test campaigns efficiently, to combine short test times with optimal test coverage

Verification services

With my knowledge of commissioning, I drive your project's progress, especially with challenging problems.

Integration tests, as the next step, require our special attention, to efficiently develop your software for the product qualification.

My knowledge regarding qualification tests, e.g. according to DO‑160  , will be your key for an successful customer inspection and following entry into service.

Use my strength to continue your implementation consistently into the test environment – lab, ground- and flight tests or lab and field tests for industrial applications.

  • Hardware commissioning
  • Hardware/software implementation
  • Design of test setups for hardware commissioning and system tests
  • Planning of qualification activities ( e.g. DO‑160  )
  • Prototype testing
  • Planning, supervision and execution of field tests
  • Debugging during test campaigns
  • Moderation of review processes
  • Reviews of documents & reports

previous projects and activities

  • eVTOL applications
    • development of test equipment and test procedures for ground tests
    • implementation of ground tests on prototypes
    • preparation of flight tests, data evaluation and troubleshooting
  • Commissioning and hardware-software integration tests for air-conditioning controllers (commercial aircraft) as well as for engine and universal controllers (industrial applications)
  • Supervision of the qualification test campaign of an air conditioning controller (control monitor architecture) for a twin-engine commercial aircraft

Based on my long-standing experience, I offer guidance and assistance for the verification phase of your project. For information about my services in your project's next stage have a look to Final inspection or contact me for a personal conversation.